My services


Guiding, problem solving, new computer initialization, installing operating system, speeding up, data backups, setting up email, updates, antivirus, drivers, problems related to games, installing programs, Windows 10-compatibility problems, boot problems, assembly, forgotten Windows passwords, cleaning, screen replacement, keyboard replacement, replacing/repairing DC jack


Converting self-recorded VHS, VHS-C, MiniDV, Video 8, Hi8 ja Digital 8 to digital format


Problem solving, initialization of cell phone plan, guiding, email settings, speeding up, installing apps, system updates


Initial setups, guiding, initial setups of set top boxes, video and audio problem solving, connecting computer and television, other problem solving


Speeding up, guiding, email settings, installing apps, system updates, problem solving


Connecting printer to network, printing from smartphone or tablet, problem solving, printer initial setup, installing drivers, change of ink cartridges or drum, paper jams, guiding


Router initial setup, connecting computer or other device to network, encryption settings, problem solving

IP Cameras

Initial setups, connecting to network, changing network settings, opening ports, viewing video stream from computer or other device, problem solving, guidance

Other peripherals

Problems with hard drives, speakers, mouses, keyboards, microphones etc.

Other home electronics

For example setups in receivers, speakers, subwoofers and problem solving

Why me?

Customer is always number 1, that’s why my services have full satisfaction GUARANTEE.

If the problem isn’t solved, You don’t need to pay.

So far all the problems have been solved and that’s why I can promise full satisfaction guarantee.
Satisfied customers


All prices include Value added tax 24%.

Price regardless of job 45€/hour or by agreement. Minimum charge 30€.

Home and business visits 50€/hour. Minimum charge 35€+distance expenses

Price of converting video tapes:

Price per cassette (Regardless length of the video):

VHS-C, MiniDV ja Video8/hi8/Digital8

1 : 30€

2-9 : 24€/each

10-19 : 22€/each

20+ : 21€/each


1 kpl: 30€

2-9 : 26€/each

10-19 : 24€/each

20+ : 23€/each

If work is done on the spot, following distance expenses are added:
Hervanta 10€
Vuores, Hallila, Kaukajärvi, Annala 15€
Linnainmaa, Kaleva, Tammela, center of Tampere 20€
Amuri, Kangasala, Pirkkala 25€

In other cases according to agreement.
Payment methods are cash or debit/credit card.

Please note! My services are eligible to household deduction.


I’m Ville Kontola, 24-year-old student in Tampere University Of Technology.

I have experience from computers since my childhood on a keen hobby basis. Over time my interest has expanded to other electronics. As a long time computer owner, I am familiar with many problems. They say that one learns by doing things, and so has happened in this case.

When I buy products and services, the most important thing to me is that you get what you paid for. In fact there isn’t any other option. If customers are not satisfied to company’s operation, it cannot succeed.

That’s why my services have full satisfaction guarantee. If I don’t get it fixed, you don’t need to pay.


You can call, use contact form below or text me.
If I don’t answer, I call back as soon as possible.

Office hours:

Mon-Thu 8.00-17.00

Fri 08.00-16.00

Sat-Sun closed

My office is located in my home, please call before you are coming!

On weekends and outside office hours use contact form below, I will get back to you as soon as possible.

My contact details

Tampereen Tietokoneapu
Business ID 2900345-9

Ville Kontola
Tumppi 3 E 178 (5th floor)
33720 Tampere
045 7874 8447